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After we rode the Tram to the "Top of the Rock" we walked around the observation ...Read More
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Upper Rock Nature Reserve, West Side, Gibraltar
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Officially opened on the 21st June 2016 by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo in the company of other Gibraltar Government Ministers, this 71 metre long thrill seekers attraction is a definite must for all those visiting the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Boasting spectacular views over the city and bay of Gibraltar, the Windsor Bridge suspends proudly over a 50 metre deep gorge – maybe not for the faint hearted!

Interesting Fact

This amazing feat of engineering was carried out by a local firm Bovis Koala, working alongside Muntanya, a Spanish contractor which had completed similar projects in the Pyrenees. The main structure of the bridge was assembled off site in nearby Spain.

The team of contractors have actually done an amazing job of being able to incorporate an enormous suspension bridge right in the middle of a very green Nature Reserve, without any conflict with nature whatsoever.

View of Windsor Suspension Bridge with Queensway Quay and the Bay of Gibraltar in the background.

The Windsor Bridge is located between two batteries along the Royal Anglian Way, one of the many footpaths that can be enjoyed by hikers and explorers alike, within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

It is actually part of a much grander Upper Rock restoration programme that has wonderfully cleared up the Royal Anglian Way and Rooke Battery to provide for fantastic walking trails and useful interpretation panels to benefit the public.

The new “Thrill Seekers Trail” is all part of restoring, revitalizing and re-branding the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Additionally, comfortable picnic and rest areas have also been built.

Although a slight sway or wobble can be felt while crossing the Windsor Bridge, rest assured that you are in safe hands. The bridge is thoroughly entrenched on either side by huge supporting anchors that have been driven 12 metres into the rock face. Having said that, keep in mind that any slight turbulence, if felt, will only enhance the thrill seekers experience!

Visitors can access the bridge for free.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun  09:00 - 18:15
Admission Price:
Included in Nature Reserve Ticket (see below)
Nature Reserve Ticket Prices:

Access to the Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve and ALL the attractions available: Adults £18.00 / Children £12.00 (ages 5 – 11) / Children under 5 years: Free

Please note that the Gibraltar Nature Reserve and Upper Rock are NOT accessible to visitors using private vehicles.


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Looked easy to find from the bottom, but actually ended up being a bit of a search! Was foolish of us not to have a map though - so I recommend taking a map if you have one - would definitely help. The bridge itself is awesome though. Better than we had hoped for. The view from up there is extremely cool. We were fortunate to go up on a real clear day too, so you could literally see forever. Its ...

I have to agree with the other gentleman below. We too found it quite difficult to find. In the end we followed another group of youngsters and they lead us to the bridge. Even though this may not sound like a recommendation, (I am not good with heights), it was in fact a great experience. I myself could not cross the entire bridge. I got about a quarter of the way and had to walk back again! ...

After we rode the Tram to the "Top of the Rock" we walked around the observation deck taking in the amazing views we then stopped in the gift shop and headed off down and up the trails and roads crisscrossing "The Rock" seeing as much as we could. After visiting the new Skywalk and St. Michael's Cave we found ourselves at the Windsor Suspension Bridge.... As I walked across to the other side I ...

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