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My wife and I recently spent a day in Gibraltar and on "The Rock". After taking the ...Read More
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Old Queen's Road, Gibraltar

As you would anticipate by its name, Apes Den does in fact almost always have apes roaming about. So if you were hoping for some definite ape action, outside of the cable car Top Station, this is the place to get it. Apes Den is located at the cable car’s Middle Station, which so you know, is the easiest way to get yourself here. Be advised though that between the months of April to October, the cable car does NOT stop at the Middle Station.

Photo of Apes Den at Prince Ferdinand's Battery with some of the macaques enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

On that note, if you had planned on exploring St Michaels Cave, it’s not a difficult walk from there down Old Queen’s Road to Apes Den. Keep in mind though that if you are visiting between April and October months, you either have to walk back up again to the cable car’s Top Station or walk down to town, either of which is quite a hike, so make sure to plan accordingly.

If you are visiting during the months whilst Middle Station is in operation, Apes Den is a definite must for your itinerary. The view is beyond fabulous, and Middle Station will add a unique touch of adventure to your visit. It can be a little unnerving for folk that are scared of heights, but nothing too exciting, so don’t panic. Basically you have to walk out over a narrow-ish wooden extension to get to where the cable car stops to pick you up. So it can make you feel a little on-edge while walking out there. But as said before – nothing too exciting – and hence the touch of adventure!

The monkeys here at Apes Den are well known for their inquisitiveness and for being opportunists. The troop living here at Apes Den is called the Queen’s Gate group. They can appear at times, extremely tame, permitting people to get exceptionally close to them, even climbing up onto tourists. You are of course encouraged to use caution when this happens, as they are, regardless of how tame they appear, still wild animals and can bite or scratch if they are frightened or upset. They will take almost any and every opportunity to steal food from your bags, or even snatch it right out of your hands. So take special care with your children. The last thing you want to do is have your kid walking around with a sparkling lollypop in their hand!

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Interesting for you to know too that Apes Den looks nothing like a den or cave or anything alike. So don’t go looking for such and feel let down afterwards! It’s basically just an open area where the monkeys have decided to make their home. Having said that, there are a few things to see outside of the mischievous monkeys and the amazing view.

Interesting Fact

Apart from wild goats roaming about, look out for a large hole that has been bored out into the rock. Soldiers actually used this as an experimental mortar, by loading up the hole with thousands of small stones, and then blasting them out at the enemy. Unfortunately, the experiment proved ineffective as although it could be fired, it was always restricted to the angle cut into the rock.

Apes Den is an absolute must for visitors to the Upper Rock, especially for those that have bought a cable car ticket between November and March while the Middle Station is in operation. The cable car company suggests for operational reasons to go straight to the Top Station first. Here you can take in the breathtaking panoramic views from the top of the Rock and enjoy the company of the resident troop of monkeys. Thereafter you can visit Apes Den on your way back down, for which there is no extra cost to your ticket.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun  09:30 - 18:15
Admission Price:
Included in Nature Reserve Ticket (see below)
Nature Reserve Ticket Prices:

Access to the Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve and ALL the attractions available: Adults £13.00 / Children £8.00 (ages 5 – 11)

Please note that the Gibraltar Nature Reserve and Upper Rock are NOT accessible to visitors using private vehicles.


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My wife and I recently spent a day in Gibraltar and on "The Rock". After taking the cable car to the "Top of the Rock" we proceeded to visit as many locations as we could in the time we had. We walked and hiked all over and visited the Apes Den which is where the Prince Ferdinand's Battery is located. It is now a good area to take some stunning photos from "The Rock". Plus there is a macaque ...

Heard different experiences from people visiting apes den compared to the top of the rock. We stopped off on the way back down on the cable car. It was fabulous. There were hardly any people about and so we had a much easier time taking nice photos and being close to the monkeys. I'm aware that they can steal things and maybe even bite you, so we kept a safe distance as best we could. We had ...

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