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We took the Cable Car/Tram to the "Top of the Rock". The ticket for the Cable Car ...Read More

The Cable Car Ride at Gibraltar is among the most fascinating attractions of Gibraltar and something that you absolutely don’t want to miss on your visit to Gibraltar. The Gibraltar cable car carries about thirty passengers at a time on a trip to the summit of the rock which takes roughly 6 minutes to complete, leaving you at an amazing 412m above sea level.

The Cable Car in Gibraltar approaching the summit.

On arrival, there is a top station complex that features various spectacular terraces, a souvenir shop and an inside viewing and eating area.

Here, you will have the opportunity for a drink or snack at the Top of the Rock Café, browse the gift shop, and of course see the apes getting up to whatever mischief that is in store for the day.  The Mons Calpe Suite Restaurant and Bar also offers delicious meals and cocktails if you fancy dining, whilst enjoying the breath-taking views from the top of the Rock and planning what’s next on your agenda. 

The summit also offers you the chance enjoy a multimedia tour, so don’t forget to pick up your multimedia unit on arrival which is included in the price of your ticket.  It will allow you to discover the Rock at your own pace through the use of a hand held guide. It’s a fantastic means to introduce yourself to Gibraltar, and will give you a complete view of the amazing history of Gibraltar, as well as a little knowledge about the geology and the plant and animal life that lives on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Interesting Fact

The Gibraltar Cable Car was built by Swiss experts in cable car systems, Von Roll Ltd and opened to the public in 1966 but has since undergone several upgrades. In 1986 the original Cable Cars, one of which can still be seen in the waiting area, were replaced by the current cabins. As well has having in-house engineers who check the system on a daily basis, a team from Switzerland comes out to Gibraltar usually in January to give the entire installation a yearly safety check.

In 2007 an extensive refurbishment program to the Top Station was begun with works starting on the souvenir shop and the indoor viewing and eating area. Today, you will be welcomed by very clean and modern facilities, all well maintained and managed by friendly staff that will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or help you may require.

Both Cable Cars passing Middle Station where you will find Apes Den. 

The Cable Car Ride also includes a possible stop at the middle station or Apes Den. Please be advised that between the months of April to October (inclusive) the Cable Car will not stop at the middle station. As the name suggests this is where you can find more apes. Should you want to get out and wonder around it is recommended you do this on your way back down. A cabin attendant will ride with you in the cabin and is there to ensure your safety and also to answer any questions you may have.

You can also access the Nature Reserve from the Top Station should you so wish. It is only a 15-20 min walk down hill to St Michael’s Cave from the top station. Along the way don’t forget to visit the amazing Skywalk (opened in March 2018 by Luck Skywalker – Mark Hamill).  Here you can step out onto a glass platform and enjoy spectacular views far out into the Mediterranean. 

Amazing view as seen from the top of the Rock looking North toward Spain.

The Cable Car base station is located at the south end of Main Street, right before the Alameda Garden’s main entrance. Don’t forget, on return to the Main Bus Terminal or Frontier, to take advantage of some fantastic duty free shopping deals available, by walking the full distance of Main Street, Gibraltar’s main shopping hub.

Further information needed to assist you in finding the cable car boarding area can be obtained at the Gibraltar Tourist board information desk. They are located at both the Frontier and the Main Bus Terminal.

The entire event can actually take as little or as much time as you care to spend. Various options are available when purchasing your ticket, to also include entrance fees for the other Upper Rock attractions. More information about the cable car ride and buying tickets online can be found at the link below: 


If there is any information that you feel is outdated, incorrect, or maybe lacking further insight that you could offer other readers on the above topic, please feel free to send us your comments or suggestions using the following link. We appreciate your time involved and will take your feedback very seriously. Thank you!

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10-12-2018 18:19pm

We took the Cable Car/Tram to the "Top of the Rock". The ticket for the Cable Car allows you to do the Skywalk, entry into St. Michael's Cave, the Upper Nature Reserve and more...And trust me, you do not want to walk up to the top.... The Cable Car only takes about 6 minutes to get to the "Top of the Rock", but they are some of the best minutes you will ever spend on any vacation. The views were ...

23-11-2018 23:23pm

No question about it. Its the best way to get to the top of the rock. I understand it can depend on what you want to see up there. But if you are only wanting to see the monkeys, view the new skywalk and maybe visit the st Michaels cave, there is no easier way to do it than taking the cable car. You are free to do things in your own time and pace. The cafe at the top is great too. After spending ...

6-11-2018 22:49pm

We visited Gibraltar on October 11, 2018 and used the cable car to get to and from the top of the Rock. The ticket lady was very polite and marked all the interesting spots in the map. There was a line and the car was a tad crowded in the morning on the way up and we had no time to admire the scenery because one lady was having a panic attack and we were all trying to help her but on the way down ...

6-11-2018 22:09pm

I have been on the Gibraltar cable car a few times. I enjoy the wait for the Cable car, to come into the station. Its a wonderful fun attraction which enables you to take in magnificent views of Gibraltar on a nice day. I found it quick and easy to buy a ticket.I have been to Gibraltar in winter and the queues are very short. The ride up to the top is a nice smooth one. I recommend you bring a ...

6-11-2018 18:20pm

Great and easy way to get to the top of the Rock. Try plan your trip up on a clear day so you can see the amazing views on the way up and also from the top. We were greeted by some monkeys as soon as we arrived. We had no problems at all with them. They seemed very relaxed and minded their own business which was different to what I had been told before. The views from the top of the Rock are ...

2-11-2018 21:12pm

So beautiful 😊 ... Can see forever!