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Thank you Shane for taking max out for his dive. Great location and memory for him. ...Read More
4 Admirals Walk, Marina Bay
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Dive Charters is operated by Tony Watkins, a BSAC 3 star and PADI MSDT Instructor. It is Gibraltar's largest dive operator and is situated in Admirals Walk, Marina Bay, an excellent location to operate from. Five minutes from the airport and ten from the border the shop is fairly easy to find.

The dive boat is berthed just 6 metres from the shop. Most of the dive sites are around 10 minutes boat trip away or a short journey in our dedicated minibus. The vibrant marina always has something going on, offering lively bars and restaurants and regular dolphin trip departures.​

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A wide range of equipment is available from our well stocked shop. Dive Charters can supply the latest equipment all VAT free. Personalised dive packages can be arranged at competitive rates with full, partial or no equipment hire.

We know from experience that divers like their holidays to be as flexible as possible so we do not impose limits on when you can dive but we do ensure decompression limits are observed along with our own safety measures for recreational diving.

The weather in Gibraltar is typically Mediterranean with long hot sunny days and mild evenings. Night diving in Gibraltar is a must. 5mm to 7mm wet suits are suitable for the summer months, with dry suits preferred for winter although a lot of divers do wear wet suits all year round.

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Soooo perfect experience and kind people help us diving - it was our first time! Thank you guys so much for giving us a good memory.

Professional pleasant relaxed staff. Many wrecks swimming distance from shore.

A great diving experience. 5 stars definitely recommend Dive Charters Gibraltar.

Amazing experience. Friendliest staff ever! Great diving. Still buzzing from today’s dives with my kids. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to come back and dive again. Cheers guys 👍🏻

Thank you Shane for taking max out for his dive. Great location and memory for him.

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Catalan Bay fishing boat in Gibraltar

Seagull at Catalan bay in Gibraltar

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The Moorish Castle in Gibraltar

Catalan bay sea shells in Gibraltar

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Artillery piece at the entrance of the World War 2 Tunnels

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

View of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Baby Gibraltar Monkey

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Gibraltar macaque facial photo

Catalan Bay

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

View from the Upper Rock at sunset

Heading down to Dove Chamber Lower Saint Michael's Cave

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Within the Tower of Homage

Gibraltar Monkey Yawning

Barbary Partridge along the Mediterranean Steps

Anti-aircraft gun at Napier of Magdala Battery

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Ring Tailed Lemur Eating at Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The beautiful natural lake at the Lower Saint Michael's Cave