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Taken me far too long to post, but an amazing experience and great trainers and ...Read More
No. 7 The Square, Marina Bay
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Allabroad Sailing Academy offers the best in RYA Sailing Courses through its unique set up and location. With five brand new 2016 model Jeanneau 389’s added to our fleet and our two training classrooms, crew lounge and reception just meters away and accessible 24 hours, you have everything you need to create great memories whilst learning to sail in a fun and professional environment.

Allabroad Sailing Academy offers the best in RYA Sailing Courses through its unique set up and location.

Our base is in warm and tidal Gibraltar with a cruising area that takes in Ceuta in Spanish Morocco, mainland Spain, and for longer courses the Atlantic Portuguese coastline. 300 days of sunshine a year give us an all year round cruising calendar with the interest of three countries over two continents to visit in one cruising week offering both sheltered sailing and reliable winds year round.

The Straits of Gibraltar have many challenges for the developing skipper with strong currents, tidal rips, traffic separation scheme and one of the most unique night pilotage exercises with the variety of natural maritime activities.

We regularly see dolphins and sometimes whales and even basking sharks and to add to the wildlife randomness you can often take a camel ride on the Moroccan side. With an Allabroad sailing course you will visit three countries across two continents to make your experience with us a true sailing adventure.

First established in 1998 Allabroad Sailing Academy have been setting standards since becoming an RYA Training Centre in 2000 and MCA Training provider in 2008.

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Recently spent the week with Allabroad and what a week it was. The staff and facilities are second to none. Can recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. Thanks guys!

MY DURBAN LADY - Once again, thank you everyone involved in sailing abroad you all have been awesome and great support of another level of learning during the yacht master course. Best education, friendly atmosphere, great climate, good food and pleasing cruising.

Totally recommendable from anyone all around the world!

Coming back soon for more .... 🙂

Taken me far too long to post, but an amazing experience and great trainers and facilities!! 😃

Just finished the first STCW course of 2019 and what a FANTASTIC experience!! I'm 47 years of age and did not know a thing about boats, life at sea etc so was more than a little apprehensive before starting the course as I knew most of the students would have already been working at sea. I needn't have worried! The instructors, James, Nick and Jason were brilliant. They took their time to ...

(Yachtmaster Motor) I really enjoyed completing this course with Allabroad. The Durban Lady was a pleasure to live on and operate throughout the course and I found the instructors were very friendly and I now consider all of the fellow trainees and Allabroad staff my friends. The course is an experience i'll never forget. Allabroad provided a course that is a great entry into a yacht based career.

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Anti-aircraft gun at Napier of Magdala Battery

Barbary Partridge along the Mediterranean Steps

Seagull at Catalan bay in Gibraltar

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Moorish Castle in Gibraltar

Ring Tailed Lemur Eating at Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

View from the Upper Rock at sunset

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve

View of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Catalan bay sea shells in Gibraltar

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Within the Tower of Homage

Artillery piece at the entrance of the World War 2 Tunnels

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

Gibraltar macaque facial photo

Catalan Bay fishing boat in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Monkey Yawning

Catalan Bay

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

Baby Gibraltar Monkey

Heading down to Dove Chamber Lower Saint Michael's Cave

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The beautiful natural lake at the Lower Saint Michael's Cave