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Wow what a place...and a must see! Who knew that was hiding under the Rock ... ...Read More
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For those with an interest in visiting Saint Michael’s Cave, there is no question a guided tour to the Lower Saint Michael’s Cave will leave you breathless – and don’t worry – not from lack of oxygen! The Lower Saint Michael’s Cave is an incredible discovery only stumbled upon during World War 2, whilst Royal Engineers at the time were blasting out a new entrance to the lower chambers of the main cave.

Interesting Fact

These lower chambers served as a suitable location for an emergency hospital, whilst also improving air circulation within. It was feared that in the event of an airstrike, a secondary exit would be vital, hence tunneling commenced. It was during the year 1942 that this astonishing, untouched deeper system of caverns was discovered.

What gives Lower Saint Michael’s Cave its extraordinary uniqueness, is the fact that it is home to many of the known speleological formations. Stalagmites, stalactites, rim stone, helictites, columns, coral rocks, flowstone, straws and curtains are to name but a few of these amazing natural cave formations.

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The caverns are of unmatched natural artistry. It’s shimmering stalactites and columns resemble a cathedral, embracing its very own pulpit, chancel and organ pipes. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you of a visit, there is also a 37 metre (forty yards) long natural lake, estimated to be holding some 200,000 litres (45,000 gallons) of crystal clear water! Wow!

Words cant describe the natural beauty seen here in the Lower Saint Michael's Cave. These are stalagmites in Cathedral Chamber.

The Lower Saint Michael’s Cave has been well preserved and remains today, totally in much of its original natural state. The only minor additions to the lower caves are some ropes and lights that were installed for safety measures, aiding visitors as they climb and shuffle over rocks. On that note, it is advised when visiting these caves to wear casual clothes and a decent pair of shoes or boots, preferably with non-slip soles. No doubt, you will be delighted to know that photography is permitted, so feel free to bring your camera along to capture this unforgettable and momentous feast for the eyes.

Something very important to save you from disappointment later on, is that access to Lower Saint Michael’s Cave is by arrangement only. In fact three days prior notice is necessary for bookings, so please make sure you book in advance.

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These specialised guided tours can be arranged for parties of a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve people. Keep in mind too, that due to the nature of this tour, children under the age of ten years are unfortunately not permitted. The tour usually lasts around three hours, although duration time may vary slightly.

A very big thank you to Pete Jackson who helped toward the authenticity of this article.

For details and costs contact the numbers below:

Mr Pete Jackson M.B.E.

Tel: +350 20076849 / +350 54011358

Email: eltopo@gibraltar.gi

Mr Dale Vallejo

Tel: +350 54231000

Mr Mario Balloqui

Tel: +350 54004160 / +350 20050021

Mr Daniel Benrimoj

Tel: +350 54815000

Email: danbenrimoj@hotmail.com

Mr John Barabich

Tel: +350 54369000

Email: john_barabich@hotmail.com

Mr Steve Payne

Tel: +350 54015063

Email: steve.climbs@hotmail.com

Mr Karl Moody

Tel: +350 54010350 / +34 628541508

Email: woodentop46@hotmail.co.uk

Mr Mike Sene

Tel: +350 54021515

Email: mike_sene10@hotmail.com

Opening Hours:
Booking required
Admission Price:
Adult £25.00


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Wow what a place...and a must see! Who knew that was hiding under the Rock ... Simply fascinating and exhilarating!

Really cool cave! If you have the time and energy, make sure to do the tour of the lower cave. Great experience and the lake at the end is incredible. Nowhere near as tricky as I thought it was going to be either. Some slippery areas and a bit of hanging on ropes here and there, but outside of that it was just a matter of enjoying the natural cave scenery, which was out of this world. A real ...

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