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Phil Anderson
Brilliant afternoon and many dolphins sighted. Will visit again and again and again. ...Read More
Dolphin Safari Tour
Our crew are the most experienced dolphin spotters in Gibraltar. That is why we give our visitors a 99% guarantee of finding the dolphins!
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No. 6 The Square, Marina Bay
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Dolphin Safari trips are one to one and a half hours depending on how far the dolphins are. We sail several times a day seven days a week. Comfortable cushioned seating guaranteed for every passenger. Indoor cabin. Toilet on-board. Live commentary. 99% guarantee to find the dolphins for you. Over 49 years of experience.

The best Dolphin Safari in Gibraltar. A truly magical experience for all ages.

Our crew are the most experienced dolphin spotters in Gibraltar and that is why we offer such a high success rate for finding the dolphins.

We are so proud of our success rate that we post every day on our facebook page how many dolphins we have seen and we are the only dolphin tour operator to admit to trips when we don’t find the dolphins, which are thankfully incredibly rare.

Please explore our website to find out more about the dolphins and the people who work behind the scenes to take our customers on an experience of a lifetime.

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Highly recommend a trip on the dolphin safari. It was a truly incredible experience one that I will never forget. I have never seen so many dolphins and so close. They are so beautiful and put on the best show ever! The tuna fish were amazing too jumping out and gave the dolphins a bit of competition! Do not miss out on seeing theses beautiful creatures at their best!! 🐬🐬🐬

Loved the trip, seen lots of dolphins, would definitely recommend.

Fantastic trip again. Never fails to deliver. So many dolphins today and bonus was seeing flying fish.

We went on the Dolphin Safari today, the staff were very friendly and informative. We saw lots of dolphins and some sun fish. Would highly recommend this company and will book again in the future.

Just back from an amazing trip. So so many dolphins up close next to the boat.

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Within the Tower of Homage

Gibraltar Monkey Yawning

The Moorish Castle in Gibraltar

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Heading down to Dove Chamber Lower Saint Michael's Cave

Ring Tailed Lemur Eating at Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Barbary Partridge along the Mediterranean Steps

View from the Upper Rock at sunset

The beautiful natural lake at the Lower Saint Michael's Cave

Seagull at Catalan bay in Gibraltar

Catalan Bay fishing boat in Gibraltar

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Anti-aircraft gun at Napier of Magdala Battery

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Catalan bay sea shells in Gibraltar

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

Artillery piece at the entrance of the World War 2 Tunnels

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Baby Gibraltar Monkey

Catalan Bay

The Lighthouse at Europa Point

View of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Gibraltar macaque facial photo