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West Coast, Gibraltar

Western Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in Gibraltar, and as you would guess, located on the western side of the Rock. The beach’s northern end shares the Spanish boarder, whilst it’s southern end, the Gibraltar International Airport’s runway. Laying on the beach or taking a swim, you can witness huge planes coming in to land or taking off right before your very eyes. It’s actually quite an amazing experience.

Interesting Fact

Historically, Western Beach was for exclusive use of MOD families that were stationed on the Rock. It’s interesting though that still today, even though very much open to the public, it actually remains a less crowded beach, one that locals enjoy more since the tourists tend to pass up on it for the more active beaches.

There is a fantastic chiringuito (Small beach restaurant and bar) where you will be delighted to find some great seafood, local tapas and various other tasty dishes to keep you going. As well as that, Western beach is a fantastic sun-downer beach, where you can sit and enjoy the sun till it sets with a nice soothing drink at your side.

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If you are looking for a nice relaxing day at the beach with not a lot of hustle and bustle, then Western Beach is probably for you. With food and drink at your fingertips, toilets and change rooms at hand, lifeguards consistently overseeing and keeping things safe, and not too many tourists to make you feel overcrowded, Western Beach is a fantastic hidden beauty waiting to be explored!

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