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The best so far wreck diving. Plenty of purpose sunken wrecks. ...Read More
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West Coast, Gibraltar
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Camp Bay and Little Bay lie close together in the south west corner of Gibraltar, running along the Atlantic side of the Rock looking out over Gibraltar Bay. Both bays are blessed by their location to have crystal clear water with almost zero water pollution. Unlike the sandy beaches elsewhere in Gibraltar, both Camp Bay and Little Bay have rocky beaches.

Photo of Camp Bay in Gibraltar, showing its two pools, restaurant bars, play areas and rocky beach.

Known locally as “El Quarry” in Llanito, Camp Bay is beautifully set with a fantastic view of Parson’s Lodge Battery on your right, an old fortress that has an incredible history of its own, and looking out over the Bay of Gibraltar toward Spain you will be mesmerized by huge ships as they go about their daily business.

Gushing out of the cliff face above Little Bay is an amazing man made waterfall. This nonstop cascade is actually salt water on its way back to the ocean after having been processed at a water desalination plant, Gibraltar’s only means of producing fresh water for its population.

As well as being able to enjoy the crystal clear water in the sea, Camp Bay and Little Bay also boast their own swimming pools. Camp Bay has two pools. One is a spacious pool that caters for a large number of swimmers at once, and the other a smaller pool, catering for younger children. Little Bay, the natural cove at the southern end of Camp Bay, also has a small pool, ideal for younger children.

View of Little Bay and its beach looking in a southerly direction taken during summer months in Gibraltar.

Note: Talking about pools in the area. While walking from Camp Bay to Little Bay you will also come across Europa Pool. Just so you are aware, this pool and its facilities are not open to the public. It is strictly for MOD families only.

Being located near the southern end of the Rock, both bays are also blessed with loads of sunshine, not affected as much by the “levante” cloud that quite often appears during summer producing shade over other areas of the Rock. There are popular bar restaurants to keep you fed and hydrated, and ample seating area where you can setup home under your umbrella.

Camp Bay is also home to what is alleged to be Europe’s first artificial reef. Brought on by the concern of the scarcity of marine life, the artificial reef was created by activists, who persuaded the sinking of sea vessels here in shallow water, rather than abandoning the ships in deeper water further out. These sunken vessels have now created a phenomenal haven for marine life, attracting thousands of new divers each year.

Interesting Fact

There is an incredible 11 wrecks in Camp Bay, and 3 wrecks in Little Bay. All of the sunken vessels are at least 20 years of age and completely covered with colourful soft corals and sponges. Large schools of fish, octopuses, lobsters, cuttlefish, eels and crabs are to name but a few of the residents of the wrecks.

If you are not a qualified diver, don’t feel left out. You will be amazed even just snorkeling on the surface how much marine life you will get to see. There is no doubt you will leave amazed and thrilled at the beauty hidden below the surface.

On a final note. If you are catching the bus to Camp Bay or Little Bay, you will have to take the bus to Rosia Bay. From here its only a two minute walk passed Parson’s Lodge Battery, through Camp Bay Tunnel, and you are there. Be sure to visit on your next beach excursion in Gibraltar – and don’t forget your goggles and snorkel!

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The best so far wreck diving. Plenty of purpose sunken wrecks.

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