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Customs, Frontier, Winston Churchill Avenue

While visiting Gibraltar, you may be tempted to take advantage of the many tax free items that can be bought in Gibraltar. Main Street is especially well known for its low cost and extremely broad selection of tobacco and spirits. Shoppers can take full advantage of these tax free items, paying much less for them here than they would anywhere else in Europe.

Be very cautious though with customs. When returning to your country after your visit to Gibraltar, be familiar with the restrictions of what you’re allowed to bring in. Customs at the Spanish boarder in particular will scrutinise purchases made on such items in Gibraltar. If exceeding the quota, you will be expected to pay a tax or even have the items confiscated. If traveling to the UK or other countries in the EU directly from Gibraltar, please be aware that you are only allowed limited quantities of certain items. While making your purchases, inquire on the latest restrictions. Shop owners will be more than willing to advise you accordingly.

For more detailed information on customs restrictions and to avoid disappointment, please visit the link below:


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